Start Your Own Travel & Ticket Business
What We Offer
TIX Travel & Tickets offers a truly unique and affordable opportunity to start your own home-based business. We provide the only business opportunity to profit from travel and tickets with the advantage of making extra income by referring others to do the same.
You receive commissions for all your direct travel and ticket purchases made by you or your website. TIX Agents can get up to 100% commission payout.
You receive up to 20% of the enrollment fee when a team member purchases the TIX Startup Package
You also receive a 10% commission on any fees collected by your direct referral.
You earn an override on the commissions earned from your direct referral Agent’s sales. There is no limit to the number of referral agents you can have under you. You are encouraged to become a “Team” leader for the agents you refer. By helping them and motivating them, you become the ultimate beneficiary.
The reward you get for having motivated other people, who in turn, motivated still others, will be a passive income. Passive income is the money you don’t have to directly work for. It’s the kind of money that enables you to sit under a palm tree or spend time with your family knowing that your bills will be taken care of. The work you do today in building your network will pay off for years down the road.
To help motivate agents we often have special contests, quick start payouts and bonuses. For example, after meeting sales goals, you can earn cash, trips and prizes.
Everything You Need Is Included
TIX Travel & Tickets is always there for you and we look forward to growing together. Here is a look at some of things we provide our agents looking to take part in our team building program:
Even if you have never recruited agents before, our training module will help you attract the best agents.

Our training modules include more than just how to start your business, what the travel industry is like, how to sell event tickets and how to market your business. It also shows you how to begin building your team so you can expand your revenue stream.
Our support staff is here to help you when you need a helping hand.
  • Team Mentoring - Brainstorm and bounce ideas with a seasoned professional to help map your path to success.
  • World-Class Support - We are available through phone, email and chat.
  • Quick Start Training - Get new agents up to speed quickly and give them the tools and systems to succeed. Help ordinary agents be extraordinary. The stage is set for more sales and long-term success.
  • TIX University - 24/7 access to our training library of practical, timely techniques, templates and best practices for rookies and seasoned pros alike.
Access to best-in-class tools and all the essentials to grow your team.
  • Landing Pages - Responsive landing pages to get the leads you need.
  • Banner Ads - Choose from an assortment of sizes and styles.
  • Online InfoKits - All the info a prospective agent needs to make the decision to join your team.
  • Check-out System - Coded online order forms to ensure you get credit for all orders.
  • Videos - Professionally produced recruiting videos that you can use online or on TV.
  • Radio Ads - Professionally recorded radio advertisements to help get those listeners to join.
  • Email Campaigns - Multiple funnel systems keep prospects interested in joining.
Affiliate with talented agents and help them excel.
  • Certifications - Attract the best talent for your business. Only TIX University offers your agent's certification programs to help them stand out and show off their knowledge.
  • Exclusive Leads - Certified agents can received leads based on their specialties.
Profit from your team and all their sales.
  • New Agents - You earn with every new agent that joins from your referral.
  • Residual Income - You earn a piece of the annual fee your agents pay to be a member.
  • Agent Sales - You also earn on your teams travel and ticket sales.
Includes all the marketing tools to launch and grow your business so you can see the fruits of your labor and see your agency grow and grow.
  • EMAIL RECRUITER - We will email up to 50,000 of your prospects every month so they can stay up to date on your latest efforts.
  • EMAIL TEMPLATES - Prefer to send your own emails? No problem! We provide you with email templates you can use to make the process easier and quicker, saving you the time and energy you could use focusing on other aspects of your business.
TIX Travel & Tickets is a rock solid partner with a reputation that cannot be beat.
  • EXPERIENCE - Over 35 years.
  • REPUTATION - Rock solid.
  • TRUSTWORTHY - A+ Rated.
Imagine how much more money you could make if you were able to clone yourself? Having a team of travel agents working under you is the next best thing. Grow your business and open new doors. Drive your own success. There is no ceiling on your earnings potential with TIX. You can maximize your revenue through your team. The sky’s the limit.
Stop Dreaming
Have you ever said, “Someday I’m going to start my own business?" Now you have no excuse. TIX offers you the most exciting home based business in the world. Stop putting off what you’ve always dreamed of. Make today the day you declare your independence. You are holding a ticket to a better lifestyle, where you can save money and make money—maybe lots of money. Join now. Remember if you continue to do what you have always done, then you will always be where you are.

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