Start Your Own Travel & Ticket Business
Earn Stock In the Company You Help Build
Be More Than Just an Agent. Here is a unique opportunity to own the agency you help build. Now, for a limited time, you have the chance to share in our company's growth, together as shareholders. We are granting free stock options to new agents. We put our agents first and want to share our success with you.
TIX is expanding rapidly. We want you to get a piece of the action.

By joining TIX now, you are reserving your first-come, first-serve right to participate in TIX’s equity offering and lock in your initial grant level. You are under no obligation to participate. There is no cost when you are granted options. Only new agents who sign up early will be granted options.

The Agency that Belongs to You
We’ve redesigned the traditional agency to create a company where agents can become shareholders at TIX. We offer new agents the unique opportunity to become a shareholder in our company, and celebrate the our financial success.

All agents can earn equity awards for various achievements such as sales thresholds and recruiting other agents.

Setting us apart from the competition
We are one of the only companies of its kind that offers stock options. This is just another way we put you first.

What is TIX offering?
TIX is offering agents an ownership stake in the company.
What are stock options?
You are given the option to purchase stock at a set price which is below the current market price.
What does it cost?
The options are granted to you at no cost. You would only exercise the options if it makes financial sense to do so. When and if a public market exists for our stock and after the vesting period, you may decide to exercise our stock options. Only at that point would you actually purchase shares of the company.
Why is TIX offering agents equity?
Agents are the lifeblood of our business. We want agents to own a part of the future they help to build.
Why is offering agent equity so unique?
Most travel agents are independent contractors who only get paid on commission after selling a travel product. Independent contractors are free to go through any host agency at any time. By giving agents skin in the game, we believe more agents will be loyal to TIX and do more business through our host agency.
Can I sell my stock options?
Currently TIX is a privately held company, which means it is not traded on public markets. Our goal is to increase the value of its shares and, when the conditions are most favorable to stockholders, list shares on the public market.

The following chart shows the current Stock Options Awards:

Stock Options Grant Event
1000 Agent joins TIX.
500 For each referred Agent that joins TIX.
1000 Agent reaches $250,000 in annual gross commission income.
1000 Agent reaches $500,000 in annual gross commission income.
1000 Agent reaches $750,000 in annual gross commission income.
1000 Agent reaches $1,000,000 in annual gross commission income.
Agent must be in active status to earn stock options.
Option grants and awards are subject to change and availability.

No Public Market. No public market now exists for the shares or stock options and there are no assurances that a public market will exist for the shares.

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